Black and White

Shouldn’t life be simple?  Isn’t it amazing how complex we can make life?  It seems that we spend our time running from on thing to the next.  We bury our faces into our phones and don’t take a moment to enjoy the people around us. Life needs to be simplified.  We need to take a … Continue reading Black and White

Counting Down 2016

I can’t believe that this past year is gone by already!  I seriously remember January 1, 2016 like it was yesterday. I posted on facebook to have people vote for their favorite photo.  It turns out that the winner, or the one that other people liked the best, is not MY favorite photo. Art is … Continue reading Counting Down 2016

Landscape Inspiration

Along the pathway of life we find out that often things are more difficult than we anticipated.  I hear so often that people are having a hard time.  That they are struggling.  Whether it is from health, money or peers we often have difficulties that arise because of things we cannot control.  Sometimes the difficulties … Continue reading Landscape Inspiration


Thanksgiving is next week and I’ve been thinking a lot about how people in this world don’t show gratitude like they should.  Today I am grateful for kids that try to be their best.   Kennedy has been reading and writing and doing math. Her first grade little brain sometimes wants to quit.  I had … Continue reading Gratitude

Sharing Photos

I’ve been enjoying a lot of photography lately. Mostly of families getting ready for the holiday season. I do enjoy this immensely. But in my heart I love rural landscapes the most. I shared these photos on social media today.  This first one is in Okinawa Japan at this distant island. I sat on the … Continue reading Sharing Photos