Find the Beauty

So many Americans in Okinawa complain about the life they have in Okinawa.  They call it Okitraz.  An island that they get banished to.  They complain about restrictions and food and driving and living quarters.  I’ve been here for a year and every time I go out and look around me I am blown away … Continue reading Find the Beauty

Tokyo Disney Sea

Before I start to tell you about how awesome this park is.  I have to tell you about the night of non-sleep we had the night before. It all started with McKay.  Little McKay that seems to always pick up any sickness, illness, bug that anyone has.  The day before we left McKay was complaining … Continue reading Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney

Linz and I are Disney lovers!  I don’t know at what moment in our life this happened but we both came to same conclusion that Disney is awesome! Being in Okinawa Tokyo Disney was a top spot on our list of places to go.  We have been planning a trip to Disney almost from the … Continue reading Tokyo Disney

On The Beach Cafe

What a whirlwind over the last 3 weeks!  It has flown by and we have been super busy doing some awesome things.  The three week process began with me being on call.  It always keeps me busy and you never know the schedule so evenings and dinner with the family are sporadic.  After a long … Continue reading On The Beach Cafe