Taiwan Day 4

This was the day I was most excited about.  Usually when I am excited about stuff it means that it is going to be a lot of work for Linz. It also means that it going to consist of a lot of pictures and going to random locations that are not always suitable for children.  … Continue reading Taiwan Day 4

Taiwan Day 3

Traveling with kids you can either force them to do things that you want to do.  Or force yourself to do things that they want to do.  Day three we tried to please both the kids and us.  First up was a trip to the Taipei Children’s Amusement park.  Here is the link if you … Continue reading Taiwan Day 3

Taiwan Day 2

Things we learned from the first night sleeping in an Asian hotel room: All Lindsey’s thoughts will be written in italics McKay still wakes up early, like an hour early, before anyone else. Beds are too small for two people. Linz and I had to sleep in two different beds in two different rooms because they … Continue reading Taiwan Day 2

Trip to Taiwan Day 1

We have been planning a trip to Taipei Taiwan months before we left.  We decided that in order for us to make the trip as comfortable as possible there were certain necessities.  The things include: Phones, with all accessories, charges and cords iPad and Kindle fire with earphones for kids 1 and 2 An extra … Continue reading Trip to Taiwan Day 1